Marriages are made in heaven


About Me

I am Elena. You can address me both Elena and Lena. I am Ukrainian but I have always been interested in India, Indian culture and Indian Dancing. We often traveled to India with my baby daughter but when she started school three years ago, our travels became impossible (sadly). But I still do Indian dancers. Maybe I will dance for you someday – my favorite Indian dance - and later we may try some dancing steps together... Do you like to lead in a dance, or you prefer a woman to lead you?


If in old times a man fell for a woman he didn't ask her if she liked him, he just left her no single choice as he dragged her to his cave no matter if she wanted that or not (SMILE) Do you have a cave to drag a woman to? :) Well, I set no conditions on love. Be just YOURSELF. I know some people make long lists of "traits" their partner should possess and I know one lady who had a list of 57 perfections that she wanted to see in her man. I am not making any "lists" and I am not looking for a "perfect partner". Be just yourself. Be just A MAN...OK? And get ready your 'cave" or my arrival (SMILE)

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