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16.09.2022     Author: Admin

The Evolution of Changes in Russian Propaganda Narratives

The Center for Countering Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine analyzes the evolution of changes in russian propaganda narratives in the information space of the occupying state.


13.09.2022     Author: Admin

Together With Ukrainain Army To the De-Occupied Villages And Towns Returns Life

The village of Bogorodnychne in the Donetsk region was liberated after russian left it


19.07.2022     Author: Admin

Life "before" and "after"

Life "before" and "after"


24.12.2021     Author: Admin

Results of the Christmas Ruffle

Christmas Eve! The best time for summarazing.


22.10.2021     Author: Admin


48,000 children


21.10.2021     Author: Admin

Richard the Lionheart

A real story in which, when heard, no one can believe


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happy marriages are made in heaven


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FEEDBACK about the site

What our users think about the site


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Ukrainian girls and marriage

Every year lots of bachelors come to Ukraine, hoping to find their Perfect Lady. These men believe that all Ukrainian girls are beautiful, educated, well-mannered, hospitable, and caring. And if they marry such a lady they will get a perfect wife, a lover, and a mother for their future kids. Doesn’t it sound a bit unreal?


12.01.2020     Author: Admin

Ukrainian girls vs American girls

Hardly anyone would argue that Ukrainian women are among the most beautiful women in the world. This fact is confirmed not only by international beauty contests, but also by foreigners themselves, who simply dream of marrying a thrifty and attractive woman. They often fancy that the very moment they start building relations with a Ukrainian lady, the whole life will be changed. Foreigners believe that when marrying a girl from Ukraine they will get everything in one – a dedicated friend, an excellent housewife, a passionate lover, and a caring mom.


Blog about dating

Why do people read blogs? Well, you can’t but agree that good blogs provide true information on the given topic. Such information is mostly created by the real people who are experts in their field. A good blog is like a detailed guidance book.

But why should anyone read online blogs about dating? Is online dating so much complicated that people need additional information about that? It is so, indeed! When a man joins a dating site, he is puzzled with all that new information. Lots of questions come to his mind: “Is this dating site reliable? How to find a perfect match? How not to be scammed? How to fill a profile to make it attractive for ladies?” and many more!

For this reasons, dating blogs aim various purposes – to make people entertained, to give ideas of successful online dating, and to share happy love stories. However, not all blogs about dating and relationships give trustworthy information.

How to find a reliable blog about online dating?

  • A reliable blog will enlighten not only positive, but also negative sides of dating online. How not to be scammed? How to find a really good girl online? What are the difficulties when dating online? All answers to these questions will be given by a good dating blog.

  • All facts and statistic information can be easily checked through other sources.

Ukrainian Bride dating blog is one of the most interesting blogs about dating online. We gathered the best team to create only trustworthy articles for you!

The best Ukrainian dating blog by Ukrainian Bride

Our online dating blog was created to help you in using our site. We aim not only at entertaining you and telling interesting love stories, but also to give some valuable recommendations to new users of the site

In our blog you can find the following information:

  1. How to use the search engines of the site. Ukrainian Bride has a very modern search tools that allow you to group profiles of ladies by their ID/Username, age, online status, marital status or language skills. That makes your search more specific.

  2. How to choose the most suitable package of services for you. Ukrainian Bride offers 3 types of membership: Standard, TOP member and VIP status. Each package has a different monthly fee and, consequently, various services.

  3. How to create a successful profile? Our blog about internet dating will teach how to create a profile that definitely attracts the hottest girls.

  4. Ukrainian Bride believes that one real meeting is better than a thousand of letters. For this reason we organize trips to Ukraine for men who want to meet their girlfriends in the real life. We offer 3 ways of dating trips: Classic Romantic, Express Romantic and Tour-Romantic. With the help of our blog you can choose the best option for you.

  5. What is special about Ukrainian ladies? Our dating blog collected well-checked information about traditions and mentality of Ukrainian girls. Study it carefully to avoid awkward situations that may arise because of differences in mentality and cultural background.

  6. How to chat with girls online? In Ukrainian Bride dating blog you will find working tips for online communication. If you feel shy to start a conversation with a girl or you simply don’t know what to talk about with a new lady, don’t worry because here you can find the best ideas of the pick-up.

Ukrainian Bride dating blog is an interesting source of information about online dating. We will teach you how to be successful in your online romance and how to get the best woman. Follow our updates!