Marriages are made in heaven


About Me

About myself I will add: I like people, love my children - they are my pride. I enjoy the psychology of crisis relationships, and gestalt therapy, I dance, and read a lot. I consider myself a person, easy to talk to, and a good friend. In any business I try to get maximum pleasure of process. I can't force myself to do something, what I'm not enjoying to. In every day I'm looking for opportunities to make me, and people I love more happy, that yesterday. I don't like greed and secrecy in men.


Next to me will be only mature, knowing himself and his goals man. He has to have strong spirit, what means to be able to control emotions and go through difficulties in life with positive thoughts, and faith in victory. His great inner value should be his spiritual growth, and personal development. I want my chosen one to be kind to people, and animals, and to like spend time with the family, and also travel. And the most important, I want him to love me, and to enjoy to take care of me, and to be happy with my care of him.

36 years old
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