Marriages are made in heaven


About Me

I am a person who is always opened to new experience... I think that no one should say that they can or can'tdo anything without trying it. I feel myself both comfortable to spend calm time at home and going out for the adventures. Since I like drawing it can easily keep me at home on one place for hours. And at the same time I like sport, skiing, traveling, going out to the theater... so I also appreciate a good time outdoors as well. Want to have a skiing race one day?))


I would like my man to certainly two things ... principles and hobby) I like when man have strong life position and you know that no matter what he will stand it and you can rely in him. And second, hobby. I really like when person is passionate about something, person who just exists is not my kind of thing. But when person is truly passionate about something, he can give this interest to you as well even if before you had absolutely no idea about that things)

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