Marriages are made in heaven


About Me

If there is something bright in this world ... then it`s me(wink) What? You don`t believe me? Sigh ... then we will have to go the long way of convincing you, but I am sure I will handle it. I think there is no way to write the list of my characteristics here because first, most people exaggerate and write only good things without mentioning bad sides and second, not so much people read description till the end)lol) So just write me and we`ll fid out who I am.


What kind of man I am looking for? Of course I have a list of 43 characteristics that I am looking in my man, but in real ... who needs that lists?) The main thing is that I am looking for a man with whom I will feel better than without him, who will appreciate my actions towards him and not take them for granted and not a stubborn one. It doesn`t sound so hard, right? Well ... it can be harder than it seems)

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