Marriages are made in heaven


About Me

Optimistic, king, loving, with Christian values, respectful to opinions and views of other people. Love life and comfort. My hobbies are cycling, hiking, canoeing, picking and canning mushrooms, fishing, cooking, but most of all I enjoy baking tasty cakes. Would be great if we could share at least some of them together On site I came not for temporary intrigue. I came here to start stable, happy and REAL relationships


For me a truly good man is the one who is reliable and loyal. A man who wants to be with me and me only. And he wants me, not because he is lonely, or bored, or horny but because he wants to be with me and wants to share his life with me. I want my love, my touches, my hugs and kisses to mean something to him everyday and not become routine to him. I want to share my dreams, ideas, desires, fantasies, goals and achievements with him and I want him to do the same with me. I want a complete man who I can help be better and he makes me better and together, we are the best because we have each other. Thank you for attention(smiley) Inna

49 years old
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