Marriages are made in heaven


About Me

If you are looking for fashion model or perfection – please, scroll my profile because I am not her. Smiling, modest, sincere, open, loving children and animals. In other words - normal Ukrainian girl, with my merits and flaws. I have many merits but the question is – will you accept me with my flaws? :) I hope you will because I am ready to accept you as you are.


What are your flaws? Or you have none?? If none, then, please, again – scroll my profile ;) No one is perfect!! But we can be perfect for each other and I want to discover it. And you? You want? Or... you are looking for perfection? Svetlana (Sveta, for short) P.S. men who like to display their manhood (male organs) for everyone's eyes – thanks, but no! You are not my type)) Sorry.

32 years old
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