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About Me

I am Alyona and I live in Southern Palmira as they call Odessa. Odessa means the gentle sun, warm ocean, and talented smiling people. The city with great background and very particular character and coloring. If you chance to visits Odessa – call me and I will show you the famous Odessa Opera Theater and the Catacombs but I have one condition – will you be strong enough to carry me on your hands up the Potemkin Steps , or you will drop me just on the 1st step? :)


I wonder if you are more PHYSICAL or INTELLECTUAL?? There are men who know lots of things, they can make quick and right decisions, they can offer a deep intelligent conversation, and they know books, movies, actors… Those are intellectual men... And when I say ‘physical” I do not mean just “muscles”... A physical man is man who is more into physical part of life which means they do not talk a lot, they prefer to do something rather than speak, Those men know how to protect their dear ones and families from the influence of the aggressive and destructive modern world, Also physical men are known to be perfect lovers... So, I wonder which of two types you are – physical or intellectual?

42 years old
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