Marriages are made in heaven


About Me

I am Nataly (Natasha, for short) and I live in Southern Palmira as they call Odessa. Odessa means the gentle sun, warm ocean, and gifted people who like to smile. The city with great background and very particular character and coloring. Oh, if you chance to visit Odessa – just call me and I will show you the famous Odessa Opera Theater and the Catacombs but I have one condition – will you be strong enough to carry me on your hands up the Potemkin Steps - deal? :) I work for a law company company and when I have a free moment, I am trying my hand at photography. Anyway, will you be strong enough to carry me up the Potemkin Steps, or you will drop me just on the 1st step? ;)


I believe that a woman is created by God not to just throw her breasts into men's faces. And I have learnt that Ideal Relationship is built on more than just a mere mating. When I participated in Miss Divine I was engaged in various charity programs and I was shocked when discovered how many kids are abandoned by their parents. But I think that's why the Woman was created by God - to bring mercy, tender, harmony and beauty to this far from perfect world and to support and inspire her man to be a better do you think?

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