Marriages are made in heaven


About Me

If I could describe myself with just one word it would be PASSION. Not in the flat understanding of it, but how I take life and my approach to everything I do. Self-sufficient, well-mannered, kind, with a sense of humor, sharp-witted. I do not like to waste time and I do not like people who are not responsible for their words. I love animals and I always speak my mind. So if you need a woman who never has her own opinion – then, I’m afraid – I am a wrong woman for you :-)) Julia


Looking for a man who is real, no games. Kind, purposeful, with a good heart. A man who always does what he says. A man with family values, who will put us and our relationships first. A man who loves music and comedies, waterfront walks, autumn forest colors, roasted pumpkin scent, roasted chestnut warmth , the bright moon light, snow crackle , the crackling of fire, the smell of mulled wine, the candlelight, the spring breeze, the scent of violets, lilies of the valley, lilacs and acacias, the chirping of crickets, the starry summer night, the roar of the sea, the scent of the rain, the purity of the heart, the warmth of the gaze, the caress of the hand, the kiss for good morning and not only... If you feel it is about you - write me and lets start our journey together :-))

32 years old
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