Marriages are made in heaven


About Me

If you want to find me in a real world beyond the virtual space, it’s easier than you think! I like to travel, I like to listen good music, with me you can talk about all that you want, I like to be open with people and not hide my emotions Razz I love to laugh when I am having fun and feel free to be sad when the situation causes me such emotions! I really want to start a family, believe in love, since I grew up in love and harmony. Sometimes bold, sometimes funny, sometimes a little bit crazy, absolutely natural woman who wants to quickly find her happiness .


A man must always be himself. I do not like people who try to impress the environment with their behavior. I find it very funny) I respect people who never nose up and are open for communication) I appreciate the sense of humor and perseverance in achieving of goals! And don’t forget that no letters can replace a real meeting!

32 years old
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