Marriages are made in heaven


About Me

What can I say about me? Sometimes it seems that I am a combination of uncombinable traits;) I have my strict principles and I won`t overstep them ... but at the same time I can`t say that I am shy and modest)) I have a good sense of humor, but think that in some situation it is simply unacceptable. I can make myself a day of total doing nothing, but never let myself become a lazy person. I keep myself in a good shape, but I like to feed my dear ones with tasty stuff) I ... I can continue for a long time, but better just write me and find it all by yourself)


I would prefer my man to like dancing) You don’t have to do it well ... just like it;) This is one of my passions and I would like to share it with you. Though I think that it wouldn`t be a problem ... what man would refuse to dance with his woman?) What else… I also want my man to have a big heart. Family life is full of difficulties and to pass them without pouring lots of things on each other a couple need cool heads and big hearts) I think with these two things family can last forever) So what ... are you my dancing cold headed big hearted man?) And you also mustn’t be jealous of Archie – my Yorkshire terrier. He sleeps with me a lot:)

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