Marriages are made in heaven

Sheron Stoun

About Me

I am looking for a man who keeps his word. These days honor is often considered to be an empty sound, but I need a man who posseses such a trait. Also he should be attentive, with good sense of humor and very easygoing towards me.


I am a person whose life principles and creed are based on the Word of God. So I guess it already gives you a big representation if what kind of person I am. As well I like to take part in charity activites, I am kind and very tender to the right man. Maybe one day you will be able to find out the amount of that tenderness I have;) And I really like to cook and to make it beautifully. You know, very often when people cook for themselves they may even do it tasty, but they don't try hard for the meal to look good and to be served good ... that's not my approach in cooking;) want to taste?)

45 years old
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