Marriages are made in heaven


About Me

Hello, my name is Irina, though my friends often call me Penelope. They say I could be a twin sister of Holywood actress Penelope Cruz. I think they exaggerate ;) But what about you? Can you see any resemblance? I work as fitness trainer and lead healthy life style. I enjoy traveling, hiking, cycling and fishing. Also I am a single mother of teenager who has been the main man in my life last years. But now when my son is almost adult I realized that I want to be not only mother. I want to fall in love again, I again want to feel myself loved and desired. I want to look into beloved eyes and see my reflection there. Someone can say that 40 is too late for new love. But I believe that after 40 life only starts


I – intelligent. D – dependable. E – easy-going. A – affectionate. L – loyal. M – mature. A – adventurous. T – trustworthy. C – considerate. H – honest. All these qualities together form my IDEAL MATCH. If you recognized yourself do not hesitate to write me. Lets start this new advanture together

42 years old
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