Marriages are made in heaven


About Me

I won’t advertise myself ;) I leave it for you to discover. But there are few things that you should know about me - I am here only with serious intensions -.I prefer real meeting to endless writings - I consider relocation to another country - I have 3 dreams: 1. to run a small coffee shop with confectionary masterpieces I created 2. to make a flight with a hot air balloon some day. …. and about my 3rd dream I better tell you personally ;) - I believe that LOVE will save this world - I can do all the things that a woman must do in a house, and I do them perfectly, but I hope you don’t look for just “hen” who will clean after you and cook for you?


Everyone has their own vision about their ideal match. For me IDEAL MAN is: -the one, who’ll make chicken soup for me and wrap me in blanket when I have flu -the one, who’ll find time in his schedule to call and send sms, regardless how busy he is at work -the one, with whom we’ll grow together: as individuals, as a couple, as a family and spiritually -the one, whose actions don’t contradict his words -the one, with whom we will make decisions together. Not just listen, but to hear. When we’re on the first place for each other, support each other and protect, even if the whole world is against us Sounds like too much, ha? ;) But in return I can give much more. And I mean not just chicken soup when you have flu :)

34 years old
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