Marriages are made in heaven


About Me

I think that it speaks a lot about people when you see the difference between what they say. That`s why I always keep an eye on what I say and if I say something, I do it. Same I expect from my man) What else? I am a very patient woman ... kind and honest ... and I don`t like just to lay and to do nothing. I like to keep myelf occupied) Especially when I need to do something not just for me, but for my dear people.


I need my man to be very patient. Family life does not always go as planned and to keep it happy people need to show patience and understnanding. I can do it ... and hope that my man will know how to do it too;) He should be kind, caring, without bad habits and of course he needs to want to create a family. I am not here just for chit chatting.

41 years old
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