Marriages are made in heaven


About Me

I’m an artist. It means that sometimes you’ll sip some painted water from your favorite coffee mug or when you get home and hug me there’s a chance you’ll get some paint on you. These are the two flaws of dating a painter. But I know how to make up for them and the merits of dating a painter are numerous:) I’m a calm and caring person, allergic to scandals and yelling. How should I put it… I’m so unproblematic that even my cat is bald, so there won’t be any fur to lay around the house) I spend my free time actively (car, motorbike, sport, traveling), do self-development, paint pictures and I only luck the right man to enjoy all that and that’s why I’m here Could that be you?


Kind, generous, responsible in his actions, balanced, purposeful, stress-resistant, loyal. I would like a man without bad habits. To engage in self-development, he loved to travel. Communicable, romantic, responsive.

28 years old
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