Marriages are made in heaven


About Me

I am kind, caring, I would say a woman in a classic meaning of this word. Still believe in family values even though that might seem a bit olod fashioned:) honest, loyal, purposeful and an eternal optimist, I love life, I love to grow and develop. Always try to keep my mind and body busy)) And yes, I love to smile a lot:)


Decent man, real. Not from a fairy-tale or a movie. My man is caring and a bit of a romanticReliable and trustworthy, without bad habits. I mean if you leave your tooth tube forever open or sometimes eat in bed, I can survive that LOL But if you spend 4 nights out of 7 not home partying, you better find somewone else. loyal, easy going, educated. Someone who loves to travel, and open to new experience in life.

48 years old
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