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About Me

I lived in America and I've been traveling Europe and got firm in conclusion that I want to be exactly with western man. Seriously, you are different a lot from men in Ukraine. In many things – in thinking, in goals, in views on life, in attitude towards women... I can't say men in Ukraine are bad. No! :-)) But for me your world is closer. And I am not afraid of relocation. That's why I am here So, at this moment of my life I am looking for deep relationship with a real man to enjoy life and share our dreams together. I don’t play games and don’t lie, I am very honest woman. I love my family, cherish my friends, adore children and dogs, cook the best bbq in the world, work hard, love tenderly. But still I am imperfect in many ways ;-)) ♥ Liz ♥


Looking for the same imperfect man as I am, but who will be perfect for me. I’m realistic, I know I have flaws, so if you don’t – my flaws will feel lonely ;-)) I am not asking for much – just be responsible for you own words and for your decisions, be not a mentor but partner, don't back down from challenge but look for solutions. You are the one for whom I can leave everyone and everything I know here and follow to the edge of the world and farther. Just let me feel that it is you and you won't have any chance to hear 'no' from me ;-)) P.S. promise me that if we are together we will keep a dog in our house… Chocolate Labrador… Pleeeeeeeeeease! ;-))

27 years old
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