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About Me

In my free time of work and studying I go in the gym, not for that to build muscle and become similar to Schwarzenegger, because I like to feel cheerful myself , to keep my body in shape… And also I love to play the piano. What will you like to hear Autumn Waltz Chopin or Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven, or maybe sextet from the movie Cloud Atlas wrote by Reihold Heil johnny Klimek? Don't worry, we still can go for a football match together and eat hotdogs))))


I know that on this site is high competition, there are a lot of women and men here feel like a child in a candy store My goal for this site to find foreign men to better entertain pleasant dialogue, but if I chance to meet a man who will not think too high of himself and not turn his nose up , then …maybe…something serious can come out of this Internet adventure It's serious for me...and for yoiu??

32 years old
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