Marriages are made in heaven


About Me

In the morning, I smell like the freshness , of the day - like a delicious cakes and evening - like an expensive perfume. Depending on the situation and circumstances of life I can be sexual, gentle, sweet, stubborn, strong and weak. I know how to keep quiet and stay tactfully. I can forgive mistakes, not only mistakes of people , but also their own. And one more thing - my beauty is not defined by my appearance. my radiance is defined as shines near with me my man.


My man is confident, but not cocky! This is important! It should be a smart, kind, sincere man, always ready to understand, to listen, or just even without words hug in some minutes Well, perhaps banal, but ... Another very important thing is that he should be protection and support for me to get with him, I feel safe ...

44 years old
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