Marriages are made in heaven


About Me

I am a person who still believes in miracles! Yes, yes ... no matter what is going around, I firmly believe that miracles are still there! We just need a sharp eye to notive them in time) If it doesn`t happen by itself, we can be architects of our own miracles. I like to see that my man felt happy next to me and I know how to do it. I like to be out of town on the nature ... and I adore horses! In good weather I like to have long rides on a bicycle. I`ve been able to travel to some places already and would like to visit even more already with my man. I ... well, there are still lots of things to enlist what I like ... so if you are interested, just ask)


I don`t create an image of an ideal man. People are imperfect and the secret is not to find an ideal ... but to accept person even regarding their imperfections) Sometimes imperfections of our dear ones make them special! So I don`t demand perfection from my man and I expect him not to try to change me and accept me as a woman I am. I want my man not to recall all the mistakes ... we do mistakes and good couple just need to work on them, but not to concentrate on them. I respect people who keep their words and this is kind of a man I am looking for. What else I want my man to be? Kind, cheerful, clever, attentive. This is something I would like to see in my man as well ... oh, who wouldn`t, right?)

52 years old
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