Marriages are made in heaven


About Me

A KING IS WANTED!!! My dowry: a wonderful 13yo princess, 2 dogs, 1 cat, 0 boyfriends, minus 1 husband, a garden full of kiwis, pomegranates and figs (all of which are not supposed to grow in our cool climate, so that gives you an idea of how warm my care is), hens, rabbits, a black belt in preventing this whole jolly kingdom from descending into mayhem. Oh and I might have a few mice in the basement, but they’re enemies of the state. I’m ready to provide: - unconditional love and almost unlimited supply of kiwis (and other fruits) - warm care and hot breakfasts (and other meals) - diamond-strong trust (if the same is provided for me) - very believable interest in your favorite sport team


An applicant should have: - a crown - readiness to fight for his Kingdom to the last chicken! - ability to fix that shelf in my living room so it would finally be firm and horizontal and stopped driving me crazy)) - ability to roll me up in a blanket when I feel sad, stay near, watch movies and feed me cookies - ability to play along with (or even initiate) crazy things when I’m in the mood (for example if in the middle of a fancy party I jump into the pool in my evening dress, don’t stand still, push some guests in;) - standard package (reliability, faithfulness, honesty, care and so on)

40 years old
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