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About Me

I can’t say that I am Ukrainian fairy tale) no, I am normal woman! With standard family values! I want husband and kids! I want to give someone my attention! So the only problem is to find this man! Please, if you like me – just write! And I will open my heart for you! Forever! Telling the truth being alone very hard! And I am very classical example of that!) I don’t know how to interest man in internet… no one ever taught me how to do it! I don’t know what you want to see or what do you want to hear! I just want to be myself! And to stop playing!


I need a man who will like me! Who will share with me his life and his soul! Who will become for me someone special! I don’t care about weigh, height or social status! I care about aims and family values! If you want the same things as I am – please, write me) I will wait! Telling the truth my position was different when I was younger – but age is everything!)))) so I understood a lot of things! And first of all that soul is everything in person! That is why I need a man with deep soul! And with huge desire to love someone) ok, ok) I will stop be boring!))))) Write me)

33 years old
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