Marriages are made in heaven


About Me

Some people think it is hard to talk about themselves - but for me it is not because no one knows you better than yourself. If you take a careful look at that charming smile in the pics you will manage to see a lot of who I actually am - a merry, happy, tender woman with a lot of tenderness in her soul, the one who loves to live and the one who lives to love. I am a sort of a woman who always goes to her goal - actually I achieved a lot but still havent made the main goal complete - I dont have my own family and this is why I am here for...I treasure a lot of things - and if you write to me you will discover step by step what they are but right now I can tell you that the most important of them for me are - God family and...yes...LOVE - even though many dont believ it exists. But I do believe in this and I know that my goal will be reached really soon...


Please dont be a King - that is not for me. OK? there is no need for you to be a multimillionaire as well cause it is not what matters for me. I dont care about your age - two simple numbers dont make a personality. Just be yourself, have a lot of self - respect, accept me for who I am, dont try to change me - just love me, inspire me, be strong both physically and mentally, have a good sense of humor - and dont be afraid to be happy. Are you like this? Then for sure you are what I am looking for and I dont need anything else.

35 years old
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