Marriages are made in heaven


About Me

Hi over there!!! Of course it is hard to talk about myself but I will try! We all have dreams, some of these dreams are realistic and every day we make steps to reach them.. Other dreams we see only during nighttime.... But these dreams are the most desirable )))) I have already reached one of my goals, I have a great work, I love spending my time with clients helping them to find the best car for trips ))) I am a car rental agent and I honestly, can not imagine myself doing something different.... Yes, I am happy! But this happiness is not complete yet... As my other dream, the most desirable one, is still remaining only a dream.... I wish to have a family! A real loving family.... Will you make my dream come true?


I have learned long time ago that life is a gift and that every day should be cherished as the most amazing treasure! But to share this TREASURE you need only with the right person. That is why I am here. I am looking for the one who could fulfill my life and make me feel like a beautiful flower!!! Hey! Do not laugh right now!!!! Yes, I am a flower already, but I will be able to bloom incredibly only in the arms of my special man!!!

37 years old
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