Marriages are made in heaven


About Me

What can I say of me? I am a Ukrainian girl in the prime of life. I just bask under the southern sun of Ukraine and ripen as sweet juicy peach. I live and enjoy the life in all its displays. I try to apprehend life as a pleasant journey. And it depends on us whether it will be a grim humor or an inoffensive joke. I am also delighted with meeting with my friends, sport activity, nice pets and small children. It seems to me that the person who wants to live happy and long life should be exactly so.


Some girls are looking for ideal and famous men driving on Lexus and so on. But it is not my story. Kind, responsive and self-confident man will be the prince from the tales for me . And he should not be the most wanted handsome man. Youth and beauty are soon over and what will remain? Only the soul will… I came on this site with the goal to find exactly such relations. Those that may have any continuation. Because if we do not see the following fate of them, why should we start them? So I hope that now you, my dream, are reading my letter and smiling because you have recognized yourself.

30 years old
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