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About Me

I HAVE POSTED MY UPDATED INTODUCTORY VIDEO. IT WILL TELL YOU A LOT ABOUT ME. Also, I would like to tell you my latest news: I have started to make my 3d movie.Making short movies is my hobby. I am not a celebrity, I just make movies for my friends and for those who like movies that make them think. Though, maybe someday I will make comedy.maybe it will be about a woman who once joined a dating site like this and found her love online plus some funny scenes how he comes to Ukraine first time and how he is kidnapped from the airport by Ukrainian girls and cheated by Ukrainian taxi drivers are bitten by wild bears that are roaming in the streets of Ukrainian cities. It can be the comedy to win the Oscar! How do you like the idea SMILE


I dont care if your hair is black or blonde, if you have a full head of hair or you are bald headed. You may have a mustache or you can be clean shaven. You can be who you are as I am not interested in trying to change someone. The primary things that I am looking for in a man are Reliability, Taste for Life, Consistency and Truthfulness to self. My primary objective is to be found by a good man and TOGETHER we will feel SECURE and LOVED

44 years old
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