Marriages are made in heaven


About Me

Who am I? Define means to limit. Of course I can try to describe myself but only talking with me you will know the real me. Without any defines, without any masks. Only you can open me from the right side, only you can see me caring, loving, kind, only you and no one else. Only you can understand what the person I am. A woman will blossom only with the right man. Is that you? I am waiting for you.


Love is what we can’t predict, it just happens and that’s all. I believe when you meet and look into each other’s eyes and the chemistry is there, nothing else matters but the love that comes out from the bottom of our hearts. I know that the true love is very strong. When you find it you should adore your beloved and remember that you should take care of those who love you. I want a real man by my side, a gentleman who will care about me. Who likes to dress tuxedo when going out. But also who feels comfortable in T-shirts and jeans. Who doesn’t mind getting wet while kissing in the rain. Who always has a reason to smile and can smile without any reasons. Who let me know that he loves me without any reasons. Am I demanding? I don’t think so)) You just need to be yourself and then you will absolutely have the biggest chances)) Write me, maybe it is you who I am thinking of now…

54 years old
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