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Ukrainian girls and marriage

26.02.2020     Author: Admin

Every year lots of bachelors come to Ukraine, hoping to find their Perfect Lady. These men believe that all Ukrainian girls are beautiful, educated, well-mannered, hospitable, and caring. And if they marry such a lady they will get a perfect wife, a lover, and a mother for their future kids. Doesn’t it sound a bit unreal?

Well, Ukrainian scientists note: stereotypes of foreigners about Ukrainian women are not far from being true. Ukrainian women are really more family-oriented than European women. And in this article you will understand why.

Do Ukrainian girls dream of marriage?

Yes, they really do! And even more – if a girl remains single at the age of 25-30, all her relatives and acquaintances will bother her asking why she is still unmarried. And it does not matter how successful the girl is in the social life or career.

Unfortunately, in Ukraine the main indicator of women's happiness is her romantic relationships, regardless of whether they are proven by a registered marriage or the children in common.

There are some reasons for it:

1. Traditions

Research results show that Ukraine has largely preserved the values of the traditional family: the man is a head of the family, a performer of physical work, a provider, while the woman performs the role of mother. She takes care of the whole house and family. Ukrainian society has long been accustomed to the fact that women, regardless of their profession, must take care of the daily routine of the family, while the man is free in his self-development and self-realization in the economy, politics, and military sphere.

2. Family ties

For Ukrainians ladies family means a lot as it is in their blood – to take care of whom they love. Family is seen as a fortress, as a shelter that protects from the cruel world. And in this shelter, a woman can create a paradise for her beloved people by caring, supporting and loving them. These women can bear a lot of rather unpleasant things just to keep the family together.

3. Social discrimination

This image of a strong caring mother is actively discussed by the national media and promoted by various talk shows. Because of these imposed stereotypes, Ukrainian women are constantly facing unpleasant gender discrimination at work. So, according to the Ukrainian State Statistics service, women are paid 35% less than men who work in a similar position, because they are the “breadwinners of the family”.

That is why, torn between home and work duties, tired of hopelessness and financial need, Ukrainian women are looking for better conditions elsewhere.

What really makes Ukrainian girls so attractive for foreigners?

Apart from good looks, there are some national qualities of Ukrainian ladies that are so attractive for foreigners.

  • Ability to create coziness and comfort in the house

All Slavic women are famous for these talents. That’s why, the foreign husband expects from the Ukrainian woman that she will be happy to care the house, while he will provide her and the family with all necessary things. The main thing is to coordinate this point with the candidate for husband, so that the beloved one can understand what expenses he should count on.

  • Warm and flexible character

Ukrainian women are not stubborn and are able to find a common language even with the most “difficult” men. The Ukrainian wife will listen to him and perceive him as the head of the family. European and American women in this sense demand more independence and men do not always like that.

  • The desire to take care of the man they love

Ukrainian women are gentle, kind, caring and very wise in everyday life. Foreigners have appreciated this quality. There are families where sons, following the example of their fathers, go to look for brides in Ukraine, because they see how happy their dads are in their second marriage with Ukrainian women.

So, how can a foreigner meet his True Love from Ukraine?

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