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Ukrainian girls vs American girls

12.01.2020     Author: Admin

Hardly anyone would argue that Ukrainian women are among the most beautiful women in the world. This fact is confirmed not only by international beauty contests, but also by foreigners themselves, who simply dream of marrying a thrifty and attractive woman. They often fancy that the very moment they start building relations with a Ukrainian lady, the whole life will be changed. Foreigners believe that when marrying a girl from Ukraine they will get everything in one – a dedicated friend, an excellent housewife, a passionate lover, and a caring mom.

Is that really so? In our today’s article we are going to analyze the peculiarities of Ukrainian national character and also to compare them with American ladies.

Are you ready for the battle of Ukrainian vs American girls?

Ukrainian women vs American women:

  1. Cooking skills. Foreigners are also charmed by the culinary skills of Ukrainian ladies. Ukrainian women not only cook delicious food, but also consider it their direct duty. If an American woman can only feed her husband with a bowl of oatmeal in the morning or stock up on semi-finished products in the supermarket, Ukrainians know how to treat their loved ones with something unusual and delicious. Most of them have favorite recipes that they gladly share with the friends. If Ukrainians invite you to have a cup of coffee at their place, be sure, there will be much more than coffee – sandwiches, dessert, salads etc.
  2. Attitude to career and study. If in the United States, a girl first finishes high school, gets a job, makes a career and only then begins to think about marriage and children - this is a common situation. Often by that time, her age exceeds 40 years. We cannot say that Ukrainian girls get married at the first opportunity at the most tender age, and that they are absolutely indifferent to a career. No, of course not! But, having met their love, Ukrainian are often able to leave work or university to get married and have a child. They can sacrifice their career for the sake of the family. Others prefer to combine motherhood with university or work. At the same time, most of Ukrainian ladies are well-educated, have a hobby and like to communicate with friends.
  3. Family ties. Family means a lot here and the opinion of the parents really matters for most of the girls. Parents keep supporting and helping their adult kids. A situation when grandmother helps to raise grandchildren is common here. For these reasons, unlike in the USA, children become independent later. Very often adult kids live with parents till creating their own family.

Just like on the Thanksgiving Day in the USA, Ukrainians like to get together on big holidays – Christmas, Easter, and New Year.

Ukrainian vs American brides

If we try to sum up the national characteristics of Ukrainian and American woman, we can say that there are a couple of types. Let’s consider them!

  1. American "Who cares" woman. The distinctive feature of women of this type is a careless and untidy appearance, which could be labeled “Wash & Go”. These women may be thin and fat, young and middle-aged, married or not, but they all have one thing in common - a complete disregard for their looks. It's as if combing the hair, applying makeup, putting on a skirt with a blouse and shoes is hard work for them. They are often seen wearing baseball caps and knee-length oversized t-shirts. Why these women don't take care of themselves remains a mystery. Most likely because they do not see any sense in good looks and believe that they should only be appreciated for their brains, and not for their neat appearance. But looking at their shabby sweaters, parachute-like trousers and worn-out shoes, you can't help but doubt their mental abilities.
  2. American “Eye candy”. This type most often includes young unmarried girls. They look very attractive, dress feminine, wear skirts, dresses and shoes. They are usually either dyed blondes or brunettes with “highlights”. Almost all of them same hairstyle: long straight hair with a straight or side parting. Unfortunately, they don't stay “dolls” for long. As soon as dolls get married, skirts and dresses are immediately changed to jeans and t-shirts, and shoes - to sneakers. After giving birth, the body loses attractive curves, hairdo is forgotten, and cosmetics are no longer needed.
  3. Ukrainian “baby doll”. They are similar to American eye-candy women. These ladies spend a couple of hours every day to apply make-up, choose the outfit and so on. They wear high heels and often have artificial eyelashes, permanent makeup, and botox in their lips. The difference is that Ukrainian baby doll always remains a baby doll, even if she is 70 already.
  4. Ukrainian auntie. They are common women who try to look neat, but they don’t follow fashion trends. They are hard-working and caring. If a man marries such a woman, he will be always fed well, neat and cared for.

However, all these characteristics do not reflect the whole picture, as all people are different, regardless of their national identity. But still, we want to say that Ukrainian ladies have strong family values and dedication to the man they love. Will you be happy with a girl from Ukraine? Well, you have to check it for yourself!