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How to have a good first date?

20.11.2019     Author: Admin

A famous quote tells that you can never get a second chance to make a good first impression. This is true for the first dates as well. The first impression really matters and you may simply have no second date unless you create a positive image of you at the first date. So, men torture themselves with a question “how to have a successful first date with a woman?”
In fact, all men planning a first date with a girl, who managed to light a spark of Love in their heart, should remember one simple truth: all women on the earth have very different tastes and inclinations. That is why it is impossible to create a universal “recipe for a first date” in advance which could give a guarantee of the absolute success, although some rules still exist.

How to have a great first date with a girl? Basic tips!

  1. Good looks. Clean clothes and neat shoes are all that a man needs. It is necessary to choose for a date the outfit that will add you confidence and make you feel handsome and calm. Remember that a first date is always exciting.
  2. Nice smell. Choose a pleasant men's perfume of the good quality. But don't use too much of it! There is nothing worse than a man whose perfumes can be smelt at a distance of 5 meters.
  3. To buy flowers or not? This question is asked by many men before they start their courtship. The answer is definitely “Yes”! But if you plan to go for a long walk in the park, it is better to do it at the end, so that the bouquet retains its original freshness.
  4. Avoid crowded places. Remember that going to a movie or to any other loud place is the worst idea for a first date! Why? Just because you need to talk normally and see if you can really match!
  5. Plan your date. It is necessary to think about the route in advance and choose the café where you are ready to treat your chosen one. And in order to avoid awkward situations when you will have a bill in front of you, you need to hint in advance to the girl that you are ready to pay for her.
  6. Talk good. And, of course, remember about the compliments. The simple phrase “you look good” is enough to add an extra bonus in her eyes. After the date (if everything went well and you are ready for a second meeting), be sure to ask the girl to accompany her home.

Things not to do at the first date!

  1. Apart from “dos” there are some “don’ts” that you must follow if you still wonder how to have a good first date with a girl.
  2. Don’t be late! Unlike women, who are allowed to come on a date a little later than the agreed time, it is better for men to come on time.
  3. Don’t look into your phone. There is nothing worse when your chosen one constantly looks into the phone. So, it's better to put it away and turn off the sound.
  4. You should not take your favorite dog or a child with you on a first date, even if the dog is compact and the child is obedient. You can open all the cards later, when the first kiss will take place, for example, or if you realize that you can't live without each other.
  5. Do not rush things, trying to take the hand of your newly chosen one, or to hold her for the first kiss and everything that follows it. Let the girl take her time. Your lady, of course, is flattered with your passion, but at the same time she wants tenderness, romance and respect, so the flows of passion on the first date can only scare her off. 

Additional tips to how to have a successful first date with a girl

  1. Emotional comfort is really important to a girl. How quickly a girl can relax on a first date next to you will directly affect whether the girl wants to go with you on a second date. And, it's hard to believe, but it's important for a girl to get to know you the way you really are when she first meets you. So, stop pretending! Don't try to “buy” a girl by showing your cool car or taking her to the most expensive restaurant, but try to really listen to what the girl is saying because she is giving you an opportunity to get to know her. Tell her a compliment, praising her for her beauty or intelligence.
  2. Humor is a very sensitive topic when two people don't know each other well enough.

 It may happen that your interlocutor will not be able to understand when you are joking and when you are not because not all people clearly show it with the facial expressions and gestures. Therefore, do not forget that humor, not supported by the appropriate manifestations of body language, can mislead your interlocutor.

For this situation, there are also tips to help to avoid misunderstandings. When you're joking, tilt your head slightly and wink at the other person. If you think it might look unnatural, you can just smile and notice at the end that it was a joke. Remember that your interlocutor doesn't know you well enough yet and don't expect you to read the thoughts.

How to have a great first date with a girl? Basic tips!

How to have a successful first date? – Bring her a gift!

Giving a girl a gift for the first date is appropriate both from the point of view of etiquette and from the point of view of traditions. It is considered that it is bad-mannered to come to a meeting with a woman empty-handed. 
However, the first date does not oblige a man to give something expensive. On the contrary, the present must be symbolic, otherwise, the girl can simply be confused.

  • Flowers are a universal gift, so a young man will not make a mistake if he presents a bouquet of flowers. If the acquaintance only took place, it is appropriate to give one long-stemmed rose. If you want to make a more special flower present, hand over a bracelet made of live buds, flowers in glass gift box, or a beautiful flower arrangement.
  • A box of sweets or chocolates. This is also an appropriate gift, but it is better to choose candy in a gift box, made of good chocolate. If you want to give something original for the second date, give a gift set of chocolate and good coffee or tea.
  • Cute souvenirs or a soft toy. Such gifts just show your good attitude to a girl without making her feel obliged.
  • If you already know your lady’s tastes through correspondence, you can bring her something more special. This can be, for example, a book of her favorite author.

After all, be natural and bring your positive attitude with you because there is nothing more attractive than an open heart and a sincere smile. And let your first date turn into an eternal love story!