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Will the Russians Blow Up the Kakhovska HPP or not?

11.11.2022     Author: Admin

The Ukrainian army is advancing in the south, liberating new settlements. But the Kakhovska HPP, which is located north of Kherson, is still under the control of the rashists. And now the question is whether they will blow up the HPP. No one knows for sure. On the one hand, it is similar to terrorist intimidation, which was supposed to restrain the advance of the Armed Forces in the south. But on the other hand, given all the immensity of the schizophrenia of russia's military leaders, their plan, which will leave Crimea without water and return the Cossack Velikiy Lug to Ukraine, may turn out to be real.

The Defence Intelligence of Ukraine reported that russian troops mined the Kakhovskaya HPP back in April and are currently also mining the locks and supports. Even six months ago, after their departure from the north of Ukraine, they were not sure whether they would hold our South. The Ukrainian defenders, having blown up the dams on the Irpin River, which overflowed and protected Kyiv, and on the Oskol River, which filled Siverskyi Donets with water, stopping the enemy near Bilogorivka, made the russians think about something similar. So what consequences can the undermining of the Kakhovskaya HPP lead to?

The Dnipro, like any river that flows from north to south (along the meridian), has, due to the rotation of the Earth, a high right bank and a low left bank. In the case of the Dnipro, this difference is quite significant, in particular in Kyiv it reaches 80-90 meters. The average height above sea level in the city of Kozatsk is 40-50 meters, and in the area of ​​Novaya Kakhovka—15-20. It is not difficult to guess that when the dam is destroyed, the flow of water will mainly flood the left bank of the Kherson region, that is, actually, the territory to which the russians are retreating now.

The Oleshky sands will be submerged and from the desert they will turn into wetlands for a while, which will probably complicate the advance of the Armed Forces in the direction from Kherson to the Crimea (but let's not forget that AFU are hitting the enemy from the Zaporizhzhia direction as well).
The water intake of the North Crimean Canal is located just before the dam, so after the dam is destroyed, the water will recede and the canal will dry up. Russians will have to forget about water in Crimea.
The creation of the Kakhovsky Reservoir 60 years ago significantly raised the groundwater level in the entire Northern Black Sea region, in particular, forcing the construction of powerful pumps for pumping water from mines in the Donbass.
After the possible lowering of the reservoir, the groundwater level will also drop, and thousands of hectares of agricultural land will appear under water. We will again see Velikiy Lug, a historical area where the Ukrainian Cossacks were hardened.
The Zaporizhzhia NPP has its own cooling pond, which is separated from the reservoir by a dam, and if the water level drops, it may be necessary to carry out additional work to ensure that there is constant water for the operation of the NPP.

What is the conclusion? Blowing up the Kakhovskaya HPP dam is an act of terrorism, it is unpleasant, it will affect the production of electricity and agriculture in the region (there will be less water for irrigation), but the russians will do the worst to themselves first of all. 

Source: Elisey Khodolovskyi, volunteer, speaker of DemSokyra

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