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"Ma!"—a Movie About the Mental Gap Between Ukrainians And Russians

13.10.2022     Author: Admin

A short movie about the russian-Ukrainian war with the concise title "Ma!" was released for free viewing on YouTube. The main idea of   the film is an answer to the question of why there is such a huge gap between the Ukrainian and russian peoples.

"If you describe the film in one word, it will be the word "contrast", and if you describe it in two words, then it will be "light" and "darkness". We are really different, we are not one people, and with this film I wanted to say that there is not just a chasm between us, an abyss between us," said Bohdan Zheleznyak, the director of the movie.

According to him, the idea of   the movie was suggested to him by his grandmother, with whom he spent the first three months of the war in Kyiv. She was impressed by the conversations of russian soldiers with their mothers and wives intercepted by Ukrainian law enforcement officers.

"She offered me to reveal their phenomenon of the soul in the film, to show the conversation of the occupier with his mother, and I immediately caught fire with the idea. Literally in one evening, I drew up the script," the director recalls.

The movie depicts a wounded russian soldier on the battlefield who calls his mother to tell her what's wrong with him, but hears no sympathy from her, only support for putin's "special operation".

Next, according to the plot, Ukrainian soldiers come to the battlefield and inspect the dead and wounded russians. At this moment, one of the Ukrainian soldiers is called by his mother, who carefully asks her son how he is doing.

"The entire text of the occupier's conversation with the mother does not have a single invented word, everything is taken and compiled from intercepted conversations," the director assures.

The shooting of the short movie lasted one day, the actors were friends of the director. The film was shot with their own funds, which were spent mainly on equipment—armored personnel carriers, assault rifles and military uniforms for the actors. The film crew worked on a volunteer basis.

Speaking about the movie, its main actor Maksym Yakovlev noted:

"If I had seen such a movie before February 24, I would not have believed that such a thing could happen, that is, I watch and understand that there is no such woman who talks to her son like that, but they do exist. And it was hard for me to believe that it was possible to talk to my mother like that, that a mother could talk to her son like that."

The director of the movie says that it is intended for a foreign audience that is not familiar with the realities of our war and does not know what kind of mental gap exists between Ukrainians and russians.

Source: Ukrinform

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