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Real Goals Of Russian Missile Attacks On Ukrainian infrastructure

12.10.2022     Author: Admin

Some world medias described the missile attacks on Ukraine on October, 10 as a "response" for the Kerch (Crimea) bridge. But they should understand that "response" in this war can be only from Ukrainian side: for invasion 8 years ago, for 24th of February, for rockets hitting the cities that sleep. While each russian attack is one more attempt to increase their aggression.

Because Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhia and Mykolaiv live like that for months. People are dying on the bus stops and in bedrooms—millionaires and janitors, militaries and civilians. And there is no difference what rocket russia uses—some new hypersound device or old rusty soviet wing rockets. And same as they started to hit infrastructure during the first battle for Kyiv, same they continued to do it during their retreat from Kharkiv. They used to hit railway statons, factories, bridges for months.

But we are too big for them and we still have lots of generating facilities, besides our repair services work really well and have not only white helmets as it was in Syria, we have cranes and heavy equipment. That`s why they keep hitting Ukraine and we stand up, unite and rebuild everything again. 

Russians have a lack of accuracy in order to hit machinery halls, generators and bridges. So the fact that russians launched so many rockets to us after escape from Kharkiv and after Kerch bridge means only one thing—they understand that they can not reach strategic goals, so they try to reach media ones

Source: Kyrylo Danylchenko, military expert

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