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Together With Ukrainain Army To the De-Occupied Villages And Towns Returns Life

13.09.2022     Author: Admin

Frightened by the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the occupiers flee, not even waiting for the Ukrainian military to enter the populated areas. Thus, two days ago, the village of Bogorodnychne in the Donetsk region was liberated. The russians fled so quickly, that they even left behind the undercooked pasta on the stove. They left a lot of weapons and ammunition. They left ruins, killed local residents and bodies of Ukrainian soldiers - without heads and shoes.

In the village itself, for which fierce battles were fought, only two local residents remained—60-year-old Mykola and his mother, 93-year-old Nina Illinichna. Only they two survived the occupation. They live in a tiny house. Now it is almost the only relatively intact building in Bogorodychne. All the rest are destroyed.

Seeing the soldiers, Nina Illinichna immediately worries about what to treat them to. He rushes to go to the garden to dig potatoes, and she asks her son Mykola to kill a goose—one of the two that remained, because the occupiers took the rest.

Nina Illinichna had another sonVasyl. But he was shot by the russians. And his wife, too. Mykola buried both of them on the hill behind the house.

"I'm a patriot, you understand? This is my land, here! And they... they came and shot my brother... If it wasn't for my mother, I would have gone to them myself with a grenade..." Mykola says with a sigh.

There is a strong stench on the territory of the dilapidated monastery. These are the remains of a dead goat, which the russians threw just under a tree. Around—a bunch of shot grenade launchers tubes and broken bricks. Nearby lies the dome of the bell tower—it fell after a russian aerial bomb hit the monastery. Russians lived and stored ammunition in the church itself. Running away, they set them on fire. They probably hoped that it would all explode. But this did not happen, and Ukrainians paratroopers got a considerable arsenal. Russians stole icons from the church itself. And there—just in the church—they arranged a toilet.

The school, where the russian units were located, is in the same terrible condition. Leftover food, pornographic maps, abandoned weapons and ammunition—this place resembles a homeless camp.

And Mykola made the Ukrainian soldiers to take a three-liter jar of honey... That's how warmly Ukrainian soldiers are greeted in the liberated territories by people, who endured the horrors of the occupation—like their own sons. Together with Ukrainain army to de-occupied villages and towns returns life. Normal life.

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Source: Facebook of military correspondent Oleksii Kashporovskyi