Marriages are made in heaven

Richard the Lionheart

21.10.2021     Author: Admin

The team of Ukranian Bride wishes to thank VIP member of our club Jorge for his part in changing fates of two sisters who had been parted for two years and now found each other. Mira and Toma. Their story could be laid in the plot of Hollywood movie

It was warm September day. Literature Museum of Odessa opened its doors for guests of annual literature festival “Scarlet Sails” where Miss Divine girls and ladies are invited to participate for many years already. In the sunny hall girls make the last preparations for their appearance before guests. Some do make up, some do their hair,  light nervousness is felt in the air. Especially nervous are girls from orphanage for whom such event is like a real ball where they are Cinderellas. And here Toma, one of orphan girls noticed among just arrived someone who seems so familiar to her. No, it can’t be true… it can’t be her sister! But face seems so dear!! To come up to her or not? To ask if she recognizes or not? Toma takes all her courage and comes to that another girl

- Are you Mira?
- Yes, do I know you?
- Mira, I am Toma. You remember me?

And here both girls fall into embraces of each other and start to cry. No one around can understand what happened. Especially Mira’s adopted mother. What really happened??
It happened sisters were taken by social cervices from their parents who could not perform their duties. Only in different time. And all connection was lost. When Mira was adopted her new mother for two years were trying to find her sister, but in vain. And Toma when taken from parents got into orphanage, which is under patronage of charity organization “Orchid” and project “Miss Divine”. And by some unbelievable chance both girls appeared in the same place in the same time!! Accident? Or God? 

You may ask how our VIP member Jorge is connected with this story. Very simple. Our VIP members become our partners in various charitable events. And if not Jorge who sponsored Toma’s participation in this festival last month, this fate meeting of two sisters might not happen. But thanks to Jorge (and God of course) the meeting happened. And even more! Now Toma will be adopted to the same family where Mira lives. Sisters will not part again

We thank Jorge and all VIP members of Ukrainian Bride Club who are not indifferent to the fates and needs of others. And we thank our partners: charity organization “Orchid” and “Miss Divine” project who give us and our members to take part in making good deeds.