Marriages are made in heaven

Let us find it out!!!

25.01.2019     Author: Mary

I`ve been asked lots of times already about why I am registered here, how did it happen that I am stll single and so on and so on. So I guess it is better to answer it all once and for all.

There are namely two reasons for why I registered here. First one is pretty banal ...

lack of time! Just imagine if I went for a date with every man who invites me? I would have a to set a date every half an hour)LOL And here we can take time, get to know each other a little and then already make a decision about do we want to meet or not. So on the date we will already skip that getting to know each other stage and will be able just to talk. What to talk about then? About everything)

And the second reason ... well, I just didn`t find my man yet, so I came to the thought. Maybe my man just lives not in Ukraine? So why should I limit myself in search if now I can do it all over the world? Maybe it is you? ... maybe not;) Let us find it out!!!